Hans van Belleghem,

Liaison Officer Health 2.0   


On the crossroad in Healthcare, where medical information and registration, finance and quality, management and systems, lies the point where my talents and expertise kicks in.

My thorough knowledge in this field, together with the conceptual visualizing and communicative skills, adds value to your challenges and use cases.

My open and creative communication uses the vocabulary of the participants involved, uses metaphors and sketches, avoiding the Babylonian confusion.

The “one time registration for multiple purposes” is my motto. From the first steps in a use case, to the final information in a medical, financial or quality perspective, the registration and supporting systems and languages are my playground.

With practical and pragmatical power, objective and based on facts, I support your challenges with a human and humorous style. A-typical and creative, out of the box, the scope widened up to other industries and cross-border, in order to find the right solution.

My Background:

  • Head department health data registration and information, UMC Utrecht (NL)
  • Senior advisor Health Economics Maasziekenhuis and Radboud UMC (NL)
  • Financial services for profit company’s
  • Orchestra manager for classical orchestra’s and festivals (EU)

Want to know more?
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